5 Tips for Getting the Whitetail of Your Dreams

Every year in November, hunters get excited about whitetail deer hunting season. It’s their chance to shoot one of America’s most challenging game animals. These deer roam all across the American continent from Peru to the Northern parts of Canada. The further up north, the bigger the animals are. Any seasoned hunter knows stalking and shooting a whitetail is no joke.

Most hunters spend the off-season studying, observing, and preparing for the annual deer hunting season. These whitetails are highly adaptable animals; they can change their diet depending on location and crop availability. Their favorite food is acorns from the white oak tree. But more recently, they’ve been observed eating things such as ants, cactus, and even chicks from bird nests. Experts know that these animals must be watched closely and their habits monitored, or else they’ll be almost impossible to catch.

Here are five useful tips to help you get the Whitetail of your dreams:


1. Get the right gear

You can’t expect to get a whitetail without the proper gear. Gear includes everything from clothing to optics and treestands. The modern hunter is lucky to have access to technology and innovative tools to make hunting easier.

Here’s what you need to hunt whitetail deer:

Clothing: You need clothing from brands such as Gore-Tex that is windproof, waterproof, and durable. These types of materials are high-tech and perform well in outdoor environments. Clothing and shoes need to be quiet – you don’t want swishy sounds to scare away the deer. Also, you need breathable materials that won’t cause you to sweat like crazy, causing discomfort.

Consider materials such as down, wool, and synthetic fibers that keep your body and feet warm.

Binoculars: excellent optics are a must-have for any hunter. A good pair of binoculars will help you spot, identify, and observe deer.

Treestands: hunters need the perfect spot to sit above the deer’s line of sight. Buy a well-made treestand that blends into the environment and sit comfortably and safely as you observe the animal.

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2. A good Rifle

Each hunter has his/her own preference when it comes to weapons. Here are some of the best weapons to help you get that coveted Whitetail.

Rifle: In the States where rifles are permitted for deer hunting, one of the top choices is the Remington model 7600. This rifle is extremely fast and points just like a shotgun. This model is popular with game hunters because it’s a cult classic, popularized by the famous Benoit family. The Whelen model is great to use on big bucks because it hits them hard. 

Shotgun: In some American states, rifles cannot be used for Whitetail hunting. That’s why a shotgun such as the Savage 220F comes in handy. It is built with the same design principles as a rifle. To make the gun accurate enough for Whitetail deer, you’ll need to add an AccuTrigger capable of 1.5-inch accuracy. 

Crossbow: Consider getting a compact crossbow that’s easy to carry around. The Strykezone crossbows are very accurate because they have a light trigger. When using a crossbow, you have to be extra careful when moving and preparing to shoot because a Whitetail has excellent hearing. That’s why a light, compact, and quality crossbow can make all the difference. 

3. Ensure scope is sighted properly

Did you know that a rifle must be sighted properly for the person using it? You can’t just buy a rifle and start shooting deer; it just won’t work! Rifles must be sighted by the person using them. You can get your rifle sighted at a shooting range or by a dealer.

They use a small tool that they hook to the barrel of the gun and line up with your sights. Then a red laser beam is used and adjust until it lines up with your scope and a bullseye target.

If your scope is not sighted, you will be off-target when shooting. You can be off by a foot at a distance of a hundred yards. Now imagine you’ve got the Whitetail close and you miss because you haven’t sighted properly! This is because you can’t change a bullet’s path by moving the rifle, you can only adjust the sight.

4. Take time to prepare

A successful hunt takes lots of prep time. This process involves studying the movement of your target Whitetail. Here’s what the hunter must do to prepare for the final takedown:

Track deer movement: watch the patterns and behavior of the animals on the land. Not each animal has the same routine, and their behavior often depends on the food available and the behavior of other predators. Remember that deer are sometimes unpredictable. 

Scour the land: to be successful with the hunt, you need to know the area and land you’re on very well. Set up your treestands at the ideal locations and study topographic maps, so you know what you’ll potentially encounter. 

Use trail cams: Trail cams are helpful to track the movement and habits of your target buck. You want to target a mature and healthy-looking buck and focus your cam on tracking him. The cameras do the work for you when you don’t have the time to stalk the animal. They are also useful when surveilling large plots of land. You can check for the animal in time-lapse. 

5. Choose the right time

Overly-eager or amateur Whitetail hunters are sometimes unsuccessful because they don’t pick the right time for the hunt. Rushing will get you nowhere. You have to be surveilling a pretty large area, or you’ll miss the buck.

Always be in-tune with nature and watch for the habits and patterns that the animals follow. Know the animal’s favorite feeding and hiding spots because if you don’t, you won’t know where to go for the final shot.

One of the best tips is to wait for corn harvest season. Corn season coincides with buck season, and when the farmers begin the harvest, the bucks come running from the fields. Hunters are usually successful at this time by hunting near creek bottoms, woodlots, and bushes or thick cover in proximity to cornfields.

The Bottom Line

Some hunters are lucky and shoot the Whitetail of their dreams early on in the season. But most of the time, it takes a lot of prep time off-season, lots of patience, and the perfect gear to bag that game. People love Whitetail for its delicious meat – there are so many venison recipes that will have your mouth watering. After all, catching the Whitetail is a significant accomplishment for any game hunter, so prepare well!

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