5 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Hunting Land

All hunters know that there is hardly anything more exciting in the discourse than owning your own plot of hunting land. This sentiment continues to prove more accurate as more and more public hunting land is being depleted or rezoned for other practices. In today’s world public hunting land is just not available, and let’s face it will never be able to provide the freedom and open access associated with owning your very own plot of land. Whether you are an avid hunter or a novice who recently entered the sport, if you are considering purchasing your own plot of hunting land you should continue to read below where the top five considerations hunters should make before purchasing a plot of land are discussed and explored.


1. Your Own Budget

Of course you should consider your own budget. Nothing is going to determine the particular plot of land you can purchase more than how much capital you have to invest. While considering your funds and what you have available, you should also take time to consider how exactly you will purchase the plot of land; will you finance the land or purchase it with cash? Ideally, cash is the better option if you have the funds to make it happen. However, if you do not then you may also be able to purchase the hunting land by securing a land loan. Land loans differ from standard home mortgages in several ways, but the most obvious way is their repayment term. Land loans typically require repayment in as little as three to five years. The quick repayment on a land loan makes cash the preferred method of transaction by most expert land buyers

2. Finding a Recreation Realtor

When an individual is searching for a house, they hire a residential realtor. Therefore, it makes sense that if you are looking for a plot of hunting land, you would decide to hire a recreation realtor. In general, recreation realtors specialize in land that is used for hunting and other recreation purposes. Realtors familiar with recreational land will possess knowledgeable information relating to the layout and specifications of several properties in your area. Since a recreation realtor knows what to look for out of a plot of hunting land, they will not only be able to speed up the closing process but also may be able to secure the land for a lower price.

5 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Hunting Land

3. Type of Hunting Land You Want

Another factor you should consider before purchasing a plot of hunting land is what type of hunting you are looking to practice. Are you looking to hunt deer, waterfowl, or game birds? If so, then you should secure a property that is set up to support those types of wildlife. You may also want to consider if you can build a hunting cabin or other structure of your choice on a property before purchasing it.

4. Do Your Neighbors Hunt?

Purchasing a property adjacent to neighbors who also hunt is a double-edged sword. On one end, neighbors who hunt will be more familiar and open to hunting practices, but on the other your neighbors might also apply significant pressure on the same wildlife species you are trying to harvest. Before you purchase a specific hunting property, it is always a good idea to talk to the neighbors to see what the hunting is like in the area and find out if they hunt themselves.

5. Wildlife Potential

Finally, before purchasing hunting land you will need to identify if the property is attractive to the wildlife species you are after. Does the property have the proper cover needed for deer hunting or does the property require some work before it is considered suitable habitat? If the property you are purchasing needs some work before it can realistically be used to hunt a certain species you should also factor this into its overall cost.

Good Luck Hunting!

Owning your own plot of hunting land is a rewarding and special experience every hunter would relish at the opportunity to achieve. However, finding the right plot of land for hunting endeavors is not always easy. If you follow the five considerations previously discussed you will have a better chance of purchasing a hunting property that suits your needs and wants. Good luck finding your property, and good luck hunting!

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