5 Important Hunting Tips You Should Know

Whether you are a veteran hunter or a first-time hunter, hunting can become a dangerous activity, especially if you do not have the right equipment or you’re too rash in making decisions. To become a great hunter, you should learn the ropes of hunting and not make hasty decisions. These impulsive decisions may put you in a very critical situation.

Whether you do it as a recreational activity or for you to put meat on the table, hunting animals should be done as humanely as possible. This means that you should try and get a clean kill shot. Not only that, but you should also protect yourself from any harm that weather conditions may cause, the animal itself, and the gun that you may use.


Hunting Tips You Should Know

Tip #1: Gear Up

Before going on your hunt, you must prepare everything in advance. This includes your food, clothes, weapons, extra necessities, etc. What you bring can make or break your hunting trip.

Make sure that you wear the appropriate gear for the weather. For example, when you’re gearing up for the cold weather, you should choose clothes with excellent insulation, warmth, wind-resistant, and are waterproof to protect you from the cold. And if you’re gearing up for the heat, then you should choose clothes that are light and breathable.

Next is bringing enough food. Hunts can sometimes become overnight or even a week-long activity, so you must bring enough food to last you for the entire hunt. But a gentle reminder is that you should try to bring an extra day or two worth of food, just in case of emergencies. You don’t want to run out of food in the middle of a good hunt, right?

Lastly, your extra necessities. It would be best if you never forgot to bring extra batteries for flashlights, extra matches, anything you think you might need. You can never be extra sure, especially if you are alone and going to a remote area to hunt.

Tip #2: Clean yourself

Animals have a great sense of smell, and your body odor can be picked up by animals from a mile away. So, make sure that you clean yourself thoroughly with a bar of scent-free soap and try an odor eliminator. Keep your hunting clothes sealed inside a ziplock or with a bag of leaves and dirt. Keeping your clothes in a bag of leaves and dirt will help your clothes get the scent that animals are already used to.

Tip #3: Be Very Slow & Quiet

This one is self-explanatory. This should be known to even beginner hunters. So, why should you be very slow and quiet? Well, animals are not only sensitive to smell but also sound. Being slow helps to reduce the sound you make, and keeping your pace slow will help you check where you are stepping, preventing yourself from stepping on any crunchy leaves or wood.

If you do ever create a loud sound by stepping on a branch, stop moving. You’ve already alerted your prey, and continuing to move will make them run. So, if you ever step on a branch, stay where you are and hope that your target did not see you.

Tip #4: Remember Your Landmarks

An essential tip when hunting is remembering your landmarks. Once you've set up camp, try looking around the perimeter and add things like ropes or ribbons that will help you get back to camp. And once you've started hunting, remember where you're walking and, as mentioned, tie ropes or ribbons on trees and bushes. This way, you'll remember how to get back where you've come from. You wouldn’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere, right?

Tip #5: Use a Great Hunting Gun

Finally, when you’re hunting, you need to have a great hunting gun that can help you get a quick and clean shot of your prey. The weapon that you use is one factor that can determine the course of your hunt, whether it’ll turn out to be successful or not, because how can your hunt be successful if you don’t get to bring back at least one?

But, hunting guns can sometimes be too expensive, especially if you’re a beginner. If you’re a beginner who wants to test the waters of hunting, then you should try testing out an airsoft gun that is within your budget to try and shoot some cans first before buying a high-powered hunting gun. Because realistically speaking, low-powered airsoft guns can’t kill an animal. It can hurt them but not kill them. So, if you’re a beginner that wants to try using a gun before fully diving into hunting with a high-powered expensive gun, then you should check out the best airsoft guns that are under $200 to help you decide.


Hunting is a great recreational activity. As long as you know what to do, then your hunt will turn out to be successful and fun. Follow these simple tips, then you’ll have a great hunting experience. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get at least one animal. Make it a learning experience so that your next hunting trip becomes easier and more successful. Also, don’t forget to have fun!

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