4 Quality Knives to Bring on Your Next Hunting Trip

There’s very little point in heading out on a hunting trip without some of the best hunting knives. A hunting knife is essential for preparing the game, skinning and boning animals. A quality hunting knife can also be helpful for other activities and emergencies, in extreme cases. What makes hunting knives different from regular knives is that the blade is designed for cutting rather than stabbing. You can get knives with serrated edges for easy skinning and sawing. Some feature a gut hook to help you open up animals with less risk of cutting yourself or other parts of the animal. Here are some of the best hunting knives you might want to check out.


Spyderco Moran Drop Point Knife

A hallmark of hunting, Spyderco Knives bring this 4-inch Japanese steel blade to the table. This entry is perfect for any game apart from large animals. This knife, with its plain edge, will glide easily through the animal without catching anything it’s not supposed to. Furthermore, the stainless-steel blade makes it perfect for those wetter hunting scenarios. Finally, this blade isn’t too big that it’s a pain to carry. Coming in at around $100, this blade is certainly one of the best on the markets for the price. 

SOG SEAL Team Elite Survival Knife

Firstly, this blade sounds cool, but that’s irrelevant. The SOG SEAL Teal Elite Survival Knife, with its 7-inch blade, is perfect for any hunting situation apart from the delicate and small game. A stainless-steel blade makes slicing a breeze, and its serrated edge will have you sawing through whatever you need. Finally, the blade is slip-resistant thanks to its glass-reinforced nylon handle. This entry arrives at around $110 - don’t leave this behind when you’re packing for your next hunting trip.

Old Timer Gut Hook Drop Point Knife

This quality-made knife features a 3.4-inch blade, full tang, and a nitride-coated high carbon stainless steel blade. Being a drop point blade, this knife is perfect for dressing. The drop hook is as sharp as the blade itself, which makes opening up animals as easy as pie. This knife is surprising - it packs a punch, and only comes in at $20.10, so don’t let the price fool you on its quality.

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Knife

Bear Grylls, despite all of his meme worthiness, knows how to kick ass in the wild. That’s what makes this blade perfect: it’s packed full of features like its 3.6-inch carbon stainless steel blade with a serrated edge. The handle is textured and features a rubber grip with a dual-sided thumb grip for a one-handed opening. Folding knives certainly come in useful, being able to pack them away in a handy little pouch. This Bear Grylls-approved entry comes in hot at a reasonable $47 - what’s not to love?

Your hunting trip can now proceed, safe in the knowledge that you’re going to have one of the best hunting knives on the market. It just shows that you don’t need to break your bank to get yourself a quality knife. 

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