3 Tips for Taking Care and Maintaining Your Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is not just an extremely challenging war game that keeps your mind and body active. It’s also a great way to get used to having a gun and work on your aim without having to go to the shooting range every day.

As long as they have the orange tip and there’s no risk of hurting anyone, you can use airsoft guns in the backyard or on private property. Even more, the ammunition is extremely cheap, so you can practice for as long as you want.

But what’s most important, an airsoft gun also needs cleaning and maintenance, which allows you to get used to the idea of field stripping a gun. For this, it’s important to get an airsoft rifle that resembles a real steel design, like these airsoft sniper rifles, so the disassembly and assembly are similar. 

So, if you decide to start your training as a future hunter or marksman with airsoft guns, make sure to check out this maintenance guide!


Barrel Cleaning

If you notice that your BBs have a different trajectory than the one you’d expect, it’s a sign that the barrel may be in need of cleaning. While airsoft guns don’t have the same amount of wear and tear as real ones (there’s no gunpowder to gunk the barrel), there are still lubricants that can stick to the inside of the barrel and build-up obstacles (in time).

In this case, you’ll need a cleaning rod, a piece of clean microfiber cloth, and some cleaning alcohol. Start by cutting the cloth into small pieces (about half an inch wide) and put one of the pieces through the eyelet of the cleaning rod. Dip the piece of cloth in alcohol and push the rod (with the soaked cloth at the tip) down the barrel using a gentle twist motion. Move back and forth and change the piece of cloth until there’s no more dirt inside the barrel.


AEGs need their gearbox lubricated, but there are other elements (like the hop-up unit or the feeding system) that need a bit of oil from time to time.

For this, you’ll have to remove the magazine and make sure there are no BBs left in the chamber (fire a few shots without the magazine). Next, if you want to lubricate the hop-up, simply use a can of silicone oil to spray inside the unit (don’t be too generous).

If you want to lubricate the gearbox, you will need to remove the motor first. Once you do, you’ll notice a small hole at the bottom of the gearbox - use it to spray silicone oil (again sparingly). Next, let the gun sit upside down for a few minutes, so the oil can move through the parts.

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Jamming can happen even to the most advanced and high-end airsoft gun on the market. However, if you act quickly and swiftly, you and your cool gun can go back to having a great time!

When you notice there’s a jam, stop firing and turn off the hop-up. Next, use the cleaning rod (the opposite end to the one used for cleaning) and gently push the stuck BB back into the magazine. Next, do a test fire to see if it worked.

However, if the situation repeats, you may want to have your gun inspected by a specialist. Repeated jams can damage the barrel and the hop-up unit and if you force them out, other elements may get damaged as well. 

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