3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Hunting Skills

Whether you are hunting deer or shooting at stationary targets at a tournament, it's always important to improve your aim. Your efficiency on the field is just as important as the firearm you are using. In fact, what's the use of sophisticated weaponry if you don't use it to its fullest potential?

Many beginners in big-game hunting would like to think that having the coolest toys guarantees efficient kills. But the thing is, it's how you understand and apply the right techniques that generates success.

So, before you use that hand gun or hunting rifle on living targets in the woods, you need to work on your aim along with other tactical skills. Here are a few tips you should try out:


Use the right drills

Practice makes perfect, so it's important to spend an extensive amount of time working on your marksmanship. Using the right drills should help you along these lines. Whether you're using a hunting rifle or a handgun, you can practice long-distance aiming by placing targets at a distance without the use of an iron sight. Start with 50 yards and gradually increase the range to 150 yards. This should help you determine your maximum range and motivate you to go even further than your benchmark.

There's another drill you can try out, this time to improve your reaction time. Simply position a target (ideally, an AR500 armor set) and set a time limit for preparing your shot. So, if the time limit is 10 seconds, you need to find another spot 10 seconds after your first shot. Keep changing your position until you miss the target. The purpose of this drill is to test how fast you can react to and engage a fast-moving target.

Take part in simulations

Another way you can prepare yourself for the real deal is to take part in activities that will test your problem-solving skills, agility, and, of course, marksmanship. For this, you can either take part in paintball or airsoft events. 

These are the closest you get to hitting live animals, so make sure to invest in good equipment and learn as you play along. You might not be shooting live deer, but these sports can help you improve essential tactical skills such as concealment and fast draw.

Get a mentor

This is as basic an advice as you can get, but it works! Especially if you are a beginner, you need to understand how experienced hunters actually do it. You might want to tag along with someone who has had an impressive kill streak. That way, you can understand the kind of tactics that work against different types of game.

No doubt, you can learn essential techniques and skills through demonstrations. You also get to learn how to set up traps on the side and maintain your firearm.

Hunting takes a great deal of commitment. It’s not the tools that make the hunter. It’s the skills he learns along the way that give merits. So, before you head out for your first hunting trip, make sure to use these simple, no-brainer ways that will mold you into a real sport hunter.

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