3 Fun Activities to Improve Your Aim

One of the most exciting things about hunting is that you never know how your day will go. Some days you're just on point, hitting your mark almost every time. Other days are frustrating, but then fate intervenes and gifts you a big target, and you get to bring home a glorious prize.

Practicing the sport is obviously the most fun way to improve your marksmanship. There's nothing like it. However, whatever your experience level, there are fun activities that can help you improve your aim when you're not in the field.

Below are a few great methods detailing how to improve your aim while having fun at the same time.


1. Airsoft Sniping

Airsoft is a fun game where you get to improve your marksmanship and score points over your friends in mock combat. One of the best ways to utilize this sport for improving your aim is to take up a sniper position.

Many people enjoy being in the thick of the action, but you can help your team out and learn at the same time by working on your aim as an airsoft sniper.

Of course, you'll want the best kit for the job. Poor-quality airsoft rifles are all over the market, so make sure you do your research and get the best airsoft sniper rifle for the job. You're hardly going to improve your aim with a rifle that doesn't aim properly, are you?

This activity is also a superb training exercise for hitting moving targets because the intensely paranoid folk you'll be playing Airsoft with are likely to be far more challenging to hit than animals. Yes, they'll be more likely to fight back than many animals as well, but that's just part of the fun.

2. Time Tests

Do you know the most frustrating thing about animals? They move. They move frequently, and you have to re-adjust to get your shot lined up again. So inconsiderate.

One great way to learn to deal with this is through timed tests. Time pressure can help us grow in many avenues of life. Go out with a couple of friends. One of them will set a countdown of, say, 30 seconds for you to take the shot. Duration is up to you. The other will stay at a safe distance and then move your target (any small object that is safe to shoot) every time this countdown expires.

As soon as the target is down and your friend is out of shot, the timer starts again. You can rotate roles and get so much better at lining up a shot quickly.

3. Use Different Poses

When you're hunting, you rarely get to shoot in the most comfortable position that allows you maximum control over your rifle. Again, you can do this activity with friends: suggest poses to each other that require you to hold your gun in a sub-optimal position (e.g., without support).

Find ways to overcome the challenges and also learn to gauge when it's worth taking a shot. There are times when we feel we might have a bead on our target but will never get a clean hit. It's worth learning the difference between a clean shot and an angle you just shouldn't try.


Getting creative with friends is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your marksmanship and increase your skills as a hunter. If you're tired of the shooting range, use these ideas or brainstorm your own. You'll be amazed at how adaptable you can become as a hunter and how much fun you can have in the process!

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