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Frequently Asked Questions about Deer Hunting answered by Musket Hunting

Why Do Deer Snort? The Facts You Need to Know to Stay Undetected

Hunting isn't just about how to learn about shooting techniques and purchasing the best equipment. You'll also need to study your game as well! This will help you create the best hunting strategies to capture and target them. This will mean having to analyze what your game eats, their movements, and even the way they sound. That is why you may be wondering: "Why do deer snort?"

While this may seem like a regular sound you overlook, it has a lot of meaning to look up on. This is important so you can become a better hunter and know how to move when a deer would make a snort. So read on as I show you everything you need to know about the deer's snort!

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How Fast Can a Deer Run? All the Facts You Need to Know

One of my favorite animals to target and capture while hunting has got to be the whitetail deer. Or any breed of deer! It isn't only because they make a great display when mounted or produce the tasty venison I love, but it's also because it gives me a challenge. Yes, hunting deer can be quite a challenge when they are running and moving around. Have you ever tried hunting running deer or wondered: "How fast can a deer run?"

To help you become more knowledgeable on the deer's speed and what to do when hunting them, read on as I show you all the information you need and more!

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What Does Deer Poop Look Like? How to Check Poop and Hunt the Best

If you're planning to hunt for deer, then there are various techniques you can follow. But did you know that hunting for deer doesn't require the most expensive and fancy of stuff? As long as you have the best equipment such as a bow stabilizer or learn new ways of hunting according to your preference and the state laws, then there is no need to worry about. You should also start finding out about deer more, and not just by their actions and sounds, but the way their poop looks like to make them easier to scout! But what does deer poop look like?

If you're wondering about what deer poop looks like to follow and track your game, then read on as I show you about scat and how to identify it.

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What Sound Does a Deer Make? Four Sounds You Need to Learn

When it comes to hunting deer, you shouldn't only be aware of where to hunt and what tools you need to invest in, but on the game itself. You'll need to understand how deer act and the way they move. And yes, even the way they sound is an important thing you should learn about, as it helps you understand and detect where they are. But the question is: What sound does a deer make?

I'm sure that even those who don't hunt are curious to know what they sound like. So from their basic sounds down to the way they communicate, read on as I show everything you need to know!

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The Easiest Way on How to Make a Deer Feeder

Hunting isn't just about purchasing the best carbon arrows and hunting equipment to easily target and shoot your game. You'll also need to take account the various hunting strategies to make a successful catch, from planting turnips for deer or even using a deer feeder to have your prey come to you! You can find a ton of deer feeders for sale online, or you can also make a homemade deer feeder to save on money while still attracting deer and other animals.

But how do you even build one? Read on as I show you all about this hunting tool and how to make a deer feeder to achieve your hunting goals.

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How to Build a Tree Stand for Better Hunting

If you're planning on going hunting during the coming season, then it's time you make your game plan and make sure you have all the necessities and equipment to catch your prey. Many skilled hunters climb trees to have a more strategic angle that makes it easier to shoot and with more discretion from their prey. But hunters don't just climb and sit on branches. They build tree stands to support themselves while they stay and wait adequately. While there is readymade tree stands available, you can save money and build one yourself. But you're probably wondering how to build a tree stand in the first place.

So read on as I will show you the easy steps on how to build a tree stand and some tips on staying safe while hunting from above.

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How Much Does Deer Processing Cost? The Prices and What You Need to Know

While hunting, I'm sure you went through all the processes. From planting chicory to lure deer down to using the best carbon arrows, everything has been planned out to ensure that you get the big buck for both meat and bragging rights. After that, what happens AFTER you capture your buck and put it in the back of your truck? You won't be leaving it to rot, but you'll be getting as much meat as you can out of it. If you're not sure how to get the meat, then you may want to consider having your deer processed. But how much does deer processing cost?

Read on as I talk about what you need to know about deer processing and how you can find one worth your money!

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The 9 Best Deer Hunting States You Need to Check Out

Hunting isn't only about looking for the healthy deer for meat and display. It's a skill that would take years of practice for you to improve and be able to shoot your prey with no mistakes. Besides brushing up on your targeting and shooting skills, you will also need to consider the area you'll be hunting in. While many states around the country allow deer hunting, there are only a select few that have the grounds and prey you want. Wondering where the best deer hunting states are? Read on as I show you the nine best ones!

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Chicory for Deer: The Facts You Need to Know and How to Plant It

Hunting for deer isn't just about finding and shooting your prey. Many skilled hunters set up traps or learn to raise their prey until such time comes that the deer is plump and meaty enough to catch! It's the reason why people have open gardens with enticing plants deer would eat. Not only does it keep up the deer's health, but your prey will start going to your area, making it an easy target. If you're wondering what kind of plant to plot on your garden, chicory for deer is quite beneficial and will attract your prey easily.

Learn more about chicory and how to effectively plot it in your garden here!

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How Much Meat From a Deer Can You Get? The Answers You Need to Know

When it comes to hunting for deer, one of the main things you'll need to focus on would be the meat you'll be getting. You'll be surprised to know that the amount of deer meat you'll get from your target might be more (or less) than what you expected. It would depend on some factors, and besides learning about deer meat, you'll need to know how to butcher them to get the most out of it. So, how much meat from a deer can you get?

​Read on as I talk about deer meat, the amount you can get, and some tips on how you'll be able to butcher your deer properly.

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